Delhi Government Launches Campaign to Prepare People Against Earthquakes

Delhi Government campaign on Earthquakes

Delhi Government hopes to prepare homes, schools and workplaces for an earthquake emergency calmly and efficiently.

  • An awareness campaign, to fully equip and prepare homes, offices, schools, residential and commercial spaces to deal efficiently with earthquakes and detailing the steps to be taken by Delhiities for the same was launched on Wednesday by the Delhi government.
  • This campaign by the Delhi Government was launched keeping in mind that the city has witnessed 18 mild tremors since April 2020 in and around Delhi, out of which, however, only 2 registered above 4, or mild intensity in the Richter scale.
  • Chief Minister of the Delhi Government, Arwind Kejriwal believes that Delhi must be aware and ready beforehand for any crises, and that in the unlikely case of an earthquake, the need for awareness, preparation and taking action in time has been made apparent in the last few weeks.
  • The Delhi Government has compiled useful information to prepare homes, schools and workplaces for an earthquake emergency calmly and efficiently, as the Chief Minister has stated his policy to be preparing today so as to save lives tomorrow.
  • Some Do’s and Don’ts have also been issued. Prior to an earthquake, one is to check stability of houses/offices, consult a professional and fix any weaknesses. After the earthquake, one is to keep away from windows, high buildings, and check for injuries before further movements.

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