Doctor involved in over 100 murders arrested in Delhi

Delhi - Doctor arrested
Delhi - Doctor arrested

The doctor arrested in Delhi was calm and cooperative during interrogations, admitted to charges including kidnapping and murder, running a fake gas agency, and a kidney racket.

  • Devender Sharma, 62, Bachelor of Ayurvedic Medicine and Surgery, resident of Aligarh, UP allegedly murdered more than 50 people in and around Delhi and might be involved in about 100 murder cases. He was hiding in Baprola, when he was arrested on Wednesday. He has cases against him in Delhi, UP, Haryana and Rajasthan and has been convicted and arrested in many cases.
  • Sharma, having served 16 years out of his life sentence was out on parole for 20 days. He jumped parole, moved to Delhi after having stayed at his village, into an acquaintance’s house in Mohan Garden and later to Baprola, marrying a widow there- his distant relative, aware of his criminal background. He was mediating the sale of Marshal House in Connaught Place to a property dealer in Jaipur after having begun a property business.
  • He was calm and cooperative in the interrogations, revealing his involvement in many cases, and admitting to being the mastermind in over 50 murders, having difficulty remembering the number killed beyond 50. He was only convicted in 7 out of the several murder cases he was arrested for between 2002-04. After knowing his criminal involvement, his wife and children left him in 2004.
  • Sharma had started a clinic in Jaipur in 1984 after receiving his Bachelor degree from Siwan, Bihar. He got involved in criminal activities and started a fake gas agency in 1995 at Charra village, Aligarh. Before that, in 1992 he had suffered a financial crisis after being cheated in an investment of 11 lakh in a gas dealership scheme. In the Gurgaon kidney racket case, he claims to have carried over 125 illegal kidney transplants, getting 5-7 lakh/case from 1994-2004 operating in Jaipur, Ballabhgarh, Gurgaon etc. before getting arrested with other doctors in 2004.
  • He was arrested again for starting a fake gas agency in 2001, after which he ran a clinic in Jaipur till 2003, and got in touch with his accomplices who hired taxi drivers to Aligarh, then killed them at secluded places, dumping their bodies in Hazara canal, Kashganj in water infested with crocodiles. He sometimes sold the robbed taxis, earning Rs20,000-25,000. His accomplices killed the drivers of trucks carrying LPG cylinders and robbed them, dismantling the truck in Meerut after unloading them in his fake agency.

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