First Covid 19 vaccine of India to begin human trials

First Covid 19 vaccine of India Covaxin
First Covid 19 vaccine of India Covaxin

First Covid 19 vaccine of India has its work in progress and India is one of the leading countries in development of Covid 19 vaccine.

  • First Covid 19 vaccine by Russia has been all over the news recently as the world eagerly waits for a vaccine that could help the world recover from the disaster the pandemic has caused. Russia has been the first in the world to complete all three stages of human trials of the vaccine.
  • Also, the second in line is the Oxford’s vaccine which is in the third phase of human trials and the results of the vaccine have been promising so far.
  • Not far behind, India too is all set to conduct human trials of Covaxin, the first Covid 19 vaccine of India. The human trials will be conducted at AIIMS Patna on 18 volunteers who fall between the age group of 18 to 55.
  • These volunteers will undergo a checkup to ensure they are fit for the trial of the vaccine. During the human trials these volunteers will be given 3 shots of the vaccine and the volunteers will be under strict observation of the doctors.
  • The National Institute of Virology gave an isolated strain of the SARS-CoV-2 to Bharat Biotech which enabled the company to develop the first Covid 19 vaccine of India i.e. Covaxin.

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