First Covid 19 vaccine: Russia completes clinical trials

Covid 19 vaccine
Covid 19 vaccine

First Covid 19 vaccine has been developed by Russia’s Sechenov First Moscow State Medical University

  • The Sechenov University of Russia has successfully completed the clinical trials of its Covid 19 vaccine as confirmed by the Vadim Tarasov, the director of ITMB (Institute for Translational Medicine and Biotechnology).
  • The Sechenov First Moscow State Medical University started with the clinical trials of the Covid 19 vaccine on June 18. These vaccines were produced by the Gamalei Institute of Epidemiology and Microbiology in Russia.
  • The clinical trials of the Covid 19 vaccine were conducted on volunteers who were divided into two groups. Out of the two, one group will be discharged in 2-3 days whereas the other one will be discharged on July 20.
  • According to Lukashev, these vaccines are safe and so are the ones already in the market. Currently, further vaccine development plan and scaling up of production are being worked upon.
  • Following Russia’s Covid 19 vaccine, the next in line seems to be Oxford’s vaccine which is in the third phase of human trials. Also, in India work is going on development of vaccine for Covid 19 with Zydus and Bharat Biotech in the lead.

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