Ganja Sabzi was eaten by Family in UP who mistook it for Methi


Ganja mistaken for Methi in Uttar Pradesh led to the hospitalization of 6 members of a family.

  • In Miyaganj village of Uttar Pradesh, a man named Nitesh purchased Methi from a vegetable vendor, which actually was Ganja.
  • Afterwards, Nitesh’s family cooked it and Nitesh along with his 5 family members ate the Sabzi, which according to them was Methi.
  • The family started feeling uncomfortable shortly after eating the sabzi. After realizing something was wrong they rushed to their neighbors’ house and asked them to call a doctor.
  • The neighbors called a doctor. However, when they saw the entire family faint they called the Police as well. The Police reached the place in time and then took the family to a hospital.
  • After that, the Police inspected the house and got to know that the family ate Ganja sabzi. The Policemen caught the vegetable vendor and when questioned as to why was he selling Ganja in the name of Methi, he said it was just a joke.

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