iPhone users being spied on by TikTok

  • Tik Tok was in the news when iPhone users complained that the company was copying the clipboard data of their iPhones. The company had issued a statement in April saying that the same would not be repeated.
  • However, it has come to notice of many people that Tik Tok is still collecting data from their clipboard. This data includes any sensitive data which people would not like to share.
  • Users came to know of this while testing the latest version of the ios, that is, the ios 14 that whatever they were typing was being recorded by Tik Tok.
  • The problem is being by Apple users across the world including India. However, no such problem has been reported by any android user.
  • The feature of ios which allow users to copy text and paste it in another app apparently is also allowing apps to copy clipboard data, which might hinder the privacy of many users.


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