New Swine Flu in China could become another pandemic

  • China is already facing a lot of problems as a number of countries are blaming it for spreading Coronavirus and are demanding investigation against China.
  • Amidst all this a Swine Flu has been found in China. According to researchers, this Swine Flu could also become a pandemic.
  • The Swine Flu has been named G4. It spreads from pigs to humans and the G4 Swine Flu belongs to the family of H1B1 Swine Flu which killed a number of people in 2009.
  • The researchers came to know about the G4 Swine Flu after they analyzed 30,000 pigs by taking swabs. Out of the 30,000 pigs 179 were found to be suffering from G4 Swine Flu.
  • The farms in China have been asked to stay aware. The researchers have clarified that there is no need to panic as the chances of this Swine Flu becoming a pandemic is low.


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