Win Rs26 lakh if you can make a toilet for NASA

  • NASA is known for its innovations and is the most reputed name when it comes to space agencies. NASA was the first to reach the moon.
  • The good news for people is that NASA is once again planning to go on the moon. But this time NASA has sought people’s help with something, which they have presented as a challenge.
  • NASA has challenged that anyone who can build a develops a toilet that is functional in microgravity and lunar gravity will be awarded Rs26 lakhs.
  • The existing space toilets are functional in microgravity only. NASA seeks these new toilets which can be of great help for future astronauts going into space.
  • If you are up for the challenge, make sure the design is compact and efficient. And most importantly, is functional in both micro gravity and lunar gravity. NASA will be accepting responses till August 17.


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